Heat transfer comic
Updated: 6/23/2020
Heat transfer comic
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  • mmm.... should I use a metal spoon or a wood spoon?Since metal is used for the pots and pans why not use a metal spoon
  • Heat conduction is the transfer of heat through solids. Heat conduction occurs when particles collide with each other. The reason we use metal for pots and pans is becuase metal is a heat conductor. Meaning is heats up fast and cools down quickly. It wouldn't be smart to use a metal spoon becuase it will heat up fast and burn your hand. Instead of a metal spoon use a wooden spoon becuase wood is a heat insulator. A heat insulator is a material that takes a long time to heat up and cool down. So If you use a wooden spoon it won't burn your hand becuase it wont heat up quickly.
  • Heat conductor -metal-copperaluminum
  • Conduction
  • Heat insulator-wood-plastic-rubber
  • Wow its a windy day outside today but yesterday it was boiling hot I wonder why?
  • Convection is the transfer of heat through liquids and gases. Convection occurs through particles that move in convection currents (circular motion). During a heat wave, air particles become heated, so the particles move faster and spread apart. This makes the air less dense. More hot air rises upwards when cooler air moves in in order to end the heatwave. The hot air that has is eventually cooled and it descends. This circular pattern of rising and sinking air creates wind. So that is why it is so windy after a heat wave.
  • Convection
  • It was an extremly hot day outside so my friend and I decided to do an experiment to see which umbrella would be best at keeping us cool and shaded from the sun
  • Radiation is the transfer of heat energy in waves. Since heat radiation does not depend on the movement of particles, it is highly efficient . On top of that radient energy can travel through any state of matter. When heat energy is transfered through radiation 3 outcomes can occur, absorbtion, reflection and transmition. Dark coloired objects absorb heat energy while light coloured objects reflect heat energy. In the end the white umbrella would do a better job of keeping the girl cool because it would reflect the suns energy. The girl standing under the black umbrella will be hotter becuase the umbrella would absorb the suns energy.
  • Absorption
  • Radiation
  • Reflection
  • Transmission
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