Unknown Story
Updated: 11/2/2020
Unknown Story

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  • God gave Abraham a task to go to Cannon (Israel)But Abraham Needed a son and Couldn't have one.
  • Abraham told Sarah to have a baby with her and Sarah was Barren and couldn't have babys so they were gonna ask Hager to have a baby with Abraham.
  • Sarah told Hager the servent to have a baby with Abraham and Hager was a young girl still and Abraham was in his 80s.
  • Ishmael and Abraham where having to much time together that Sarah got jealous.
  • Sarah told Abraham to kick out Hager and Ishmaelbut Abraham listened to Sarah and kicked out Hager and her son because they thought they didn't need Ishmael. And sent them out with food and water.
  • Hager and Ishmael ran out of food and water and God saw that they got kicked out and had no food and it wasn't their fault that they got kicked so he rose water to their feet and God went to go talk to Abraham and Sarah.