Along Walk to Water
Updated: 2/3/2020
Along Walk to Water
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  • Main Characters
  • Setting
  • Conflict
  • The main characters in Along Walk to Water are Salva (Park 1), Marial (Park 30), Uncle (Park 34), Dad (Park 2)
  • Theme
  • They don't really have a specific setting because Salva was with a group and they just walked. (Park 22) If there was one small location, might have been the school. (Park 2)
  • Social Issue
  • "We'll take him."
  • On (Park 53), Uncle got shot. Uncle was basically the leader of the group and so they didn't have a gun.
  • Symbols
  • The theme is never give up. Salva never gave up when he was trying to find his parent. Even when it was hard. (Park 53)
  • Salva has to deal with people not thinking that he can not walk with the group. People kept denying letting him into their group because he was a kid. (Park 22)
  • A symbol for the book is a plane. The reason is, is because he find his family when he went on a plane. He also went on a plane to find his new family in New York. (Park 105)
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