Updated: 3/18/2021

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • We guard what goes in and out of the prison and separate it from the outside world, like the cell membrane does in a cell.
  • Because the cytoplasm holds the organelles together like how the guards hold the prisoners in place
  • The cytoplasm is like the guards inside of the prison.
  • The cell wall is like the wall that surround the prison because a cell wall surrounds and protects the cell like how cell wall protects intruders and attacks
  • The control center of a prison is like a nucleus because it gives information about how the cell should work like just like control center of a prison, it help the guard and security now what to do and see if anything bad is happening
  • The mitochondria is like the cafeteria of a prison because the mitochondria takes nutrition and breaks it down and the cafeteria gives the people nutrition and makes them have energy
  • The chloroplast is like the power plant of a prison because the chloroplast uses solar rays to create food for the cell, and this is like a power plant because a power plant needs energy from solar pannels to make energy for the lights guards walls jail cells.