Tweet Cute by Emma Lord
Updated: 5/18/2020
Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

Storyboard Text

  • Big League Burger@B1gLeagueBurgerReplying to @GCheesing"OMG! Finally! The public knows the ~secret ingredient~ grandma adds to your grilled cheese. Thanks for the pro tip guys but we’ll pass for now."
  • Girl Cheesing@GCheesingReplying to @B1gLeagueBurger"still tastes better than unoriginality though amirite"
  • Big League Burger@B1gLeagueBurger"Anyone who unfollows Girl Cheesing on Twitter gets 50% off our grilled cheese too! All three and a half of you are welcome anytime!"
  • Girl Cheesing@GCheesing"Anyone who unfollows Big League Burger on Twitter gets 50 percent off their next grilled cheese! And, y’know, the relative comfort of knowing they’re eating something that doesn’t suck!"