Updated: 2/11/2020
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  • In the beginning or the story Alice and her sister were sitting on a bank. Alice's sister was reading a book while Alice was just sitting there being bored. Suddenly, Alice saw a talking white rabbit and chased after it.
  • When Alice was going down the hole she had so much time to explore. She saw there were many bookshelves and cupboards filled with maps and picture and also a jar of orange marmalade.
  • When Alice was finally at the bottom of the hole she was in a long low hallway and saw a that key opened a beautiful garden but she was too tall to get in so she drank something to make her shrink.
  • In the story it says, "Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank." Then it says, "when suddenly a white rabbit with pink eyes ran past her."
  • In the story Alice in wonderland the author says, "Alice saw the rabbit pop down a large rabbit-hole." She quickly ran after him.
  • In the story it says, "She found herself in a long low hall. " the story also said, " she came upon a little three legged table made of solid glass."
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