Unknown Story
Updated: 1/26/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • One day, Spider-Man was flying around New York City until he found a monster. The hero has never seen such a monster, so Spider-Man took down one monster. After he took down one, more and more were coming.
  • Spider-Man then explored the city hoping to find what was causing these creatures to show up. The hero looks through a window of a building to find a machine surrounded by monsters. Spider-Man knew this machine was creating the monsters.
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  • After Spider-Man's discovery, he goes to his team at headquarters and tells them all about what he saw. The team explain to Spider-Man that you need a power source powerful than anything, to destroy the machine
  • After his team told him that he needed a power source, he knew straight away where to get one. Spider-Man and Hermes, god of dreams, were good friends and Spider-Man explained to Hermes that the only way to stop the creatures were to use a dream crystal. Hermes did not like the idea of giving away one of his crystals.
  • Spider-Man kept on telling Hermes that with one of his crystals, he can save the city. Hermes refused again and started to attack Spider-Man with his dream powers. Spider-Man was weakened but started to attack back. They both started to fight aggressively.
  • Spider-Man and Hermes were both hurt and eventually gave up. Spider-Man asked once more hoping Hermes would say yes, Hermes said he didn't want to give any of his crystals away because it is the only thing that boosts his powers. Spider-Man apologized, Hermes then gave Spider-Man the crystal and Spider-Man put it in the motherboard of the machine causing it to explode. Spider-Man and Hermes have saved the city.