The cyclops

Updated: 9/16/2021
The cyclops

Storyboard Text

  • Alright I'm choosing a few of you to go with me the rest of you stay here
  • The leader was choosing people to go explore the cave with him.
  • Alright its over there
  • C'mon lets go to the cave
  • They got to the island and they are walking to the cave.
  • Please spare some of your supplies
  • No I'm not giving you free things.
  • They get to the cave and they find the cyclops and ask him to spare some of his animals and things to them
  • Finally now we have to wait
  • They stab him in the eye with the stake and get the sheep. They have to wait till morning to leave
  • Lets divide them to each person and leave fast!
  • They wake up and divide the sheep then wait for him to lift the rock and leave.
  • Finally we are out of there
  • They make it back to the ship and are ready to head back home.