Julius Chambers Muckraker Cartoon
Updated: 2/25/2020
Julius Chambers Muckraker Cartoon

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  • That's not right! Tell me more!
  • Earlier when I refused to eat, the doctor beat me!
  • In 1872 in New York City, an anonymous person tips the New York Tribune about the horrible conditions at the Bloomingdale Insane Asylum. They send one of their journalists, Julius Chambers, to check it out.
  • You won't believe the horrible things we can expose Bloomingdale for!
  • Show me! We need to publish this in the paper!
  • Julius Chambers heads to the insane asylum to check himself in as a "patient". There, he will document how he and other patients are treated and publish his findings in the newspaper.
  • No more exploiting healthy people!
  • Chambers discovers horrible conditions: uncomfortable beds, bad food, and abusive workers, just to name a few.
  • Good thing I published my findings! I made a great change!
  • Julius Chambers checks out of the asylum and tells his boss what he has found. His documentation is posted in the New York Tribune and receives a lot of attention.
  • Due to Julius Chambers posting his discoveries, reform laws were made that required additional screening before being entered into insane asylums. (A problem was that some of the patients weren't even mentally ill).
  • Today, insane asylums no longer exist because people like Julius Chambers exposed them for being immoral institutions. Now, mentally ill people can be given much more proper treatment.
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