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Updated: 9/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • december 1606
  • May 14, 1607
  • 1907
  • A group of 144 English citizens depart to creaste a new colony on December 1606. They were sent by the Virginia Company of London.
  • September, 1608
  • The English settlers arrive at chesipeake bay on May 14, 1607. Only 104 colonists out of 144 who left made it to the New World.
  • October, 1609
  • They got dieses from insects and water. The marshy land that they settled on led to lots of bugs that spread diseases
  • 1614
  • John Smith becomes president of Jamestown’s council. He set upstrict rules that made all men work and focused on farming. He also dug the first well in Jamestown.
  • John Smith goes back to England and Left Sir Thomas Gates and Sir Thomas Dale in charge. After he left hunger rised and other issues.
  • John Rolfe the tobacco farmer marries Pocahontas the daughter of Chief Powhatan. The married helps improve the relesionship between the colonists and the Powhatan.