frence rev
Updated: 3/4/2020
frence rev

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  • Give us our tax money now!
  • oh no it to bad that the king died!
  • Why did this happen the king Louie
  • The enlightenment took place in Europe. It was centered in France. The enlightenment took place between the Glorious revolution and the scientific revolution. The enlightenment allowed for new ideas.
  • After losing the 7 years war to the British. France went into debt and taxed only the people in the lower classes.
  • Onward to new lands!
  • Yes sir
  • The French revolted against the king of France. The French people killed him with the guillotine because they wanted a democracy.
  • Listen to what i say, for I am your king
  • The Reign of terror occurred as the commite of public safety committee started to kill everyone who opposed the revolution.
  • Napolean took power after the reign of terror and expanded france. He called himself the 1st council of France.
  • France returned to a democracy after the death of Napolean, making no progress.
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