History Story Board
Updated: 1/22/2020
History Story Board
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  • How does a new idea transform a society?And what are the risks of accepting a new idea?
  • New ideas change the way people see or think about things. Possible risks would be the backlash because of a new idea because people don't like change
  • How is the scientific revolution both a change in science and thought? Also in what ways was the scientific revolution a continuation in renaissance thinking
  • It's a change because people rethink what they have believed for hundreds of years. It's a continuation because they are both change and questioning what is seen as right and wrong
  • I'm Isaac Newton I created laws for gravity and motion becoming accepted around the world
  • I'm Robert Boyle I did tests in controlled conditions to prove my theories, my method was used globally
  • I'm Louis Pasteur I created vaccines that saved millions of lives and more!
  • I'm Marie Curie I conducted research on radioactivity and invented the x-ray so doctors can spot things without surgery
  • I'm Copernicus I made the theory that the Sun is the center of the universe not the Earth
  • I'm Galileo I created the telescope and confirmed Copernicus' theory
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