Relación de propósitos de secundaria y primaria
Updated: 5/31/2020
Relación de propósitos de secundaria y primaria
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Lorena Betsabe Rodriguez Ruiz

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  • The conection of the purposes in education.
  • Joan and Mary take the same bus home.Joan is in middle school and Mary in Elementary School.
  • Mmm, great! I am the smartest in my group too in all the subjects.
  • In their way home they star to talk about school.
  • GradesA+
  • GradesA+
  • Look! Joan, I have my grades, I am the smartest girl in my class in all the subjects!
  • Mary notice that they have the same educational fields
  • .
  • LOOK! We have the same subjects
  • We have the same training fieldsand subjects, but school did not teach us the same things.Let me explain you!
  • Mary feel that she and Joan has the same knowledge
  • School teach us the same things, so you and me already know the same.
  • Joan has to explain to Mary how school subjects are related
  • Look Mary, we have the same subjects because we are in basic education, and the purpose of school is help us to fulfill the goals of this educational fields, teaching us the same subjects but with different complexity in each grade.
  • Arts Language and communication Technology Math Science
  • Mary was very excited and jumping all over the bus..
  • Is like when your parents help you to talk "step by step" until we acquire the abilities to be promoted to a superior education.
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  • Created by Lorena Betsabe Rodriguez Ruiz
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