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Once Upon A Time
Updated: 10/16/2020
Once Upon A Time
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  • Lines 49-65 Intro
  •  Lines 66-113
  • Lines 100-110
  • The people in the narrator's fairy tale live in a suburb outside of a city. It seems to be a nice place to live. "... who loved each other and lived happily ever after"(Gordimer 12). The words happily after after makes me believe this will be a wonderful fairytale. Carlos
  • Lines 114-138
  • In the town, there was burglary going on and the family took measures to ensure the safety of their belongings. "... were living happily ever after they now saw the trees and skies through bars"(Gordimer 13-14). The family has to shift their view with the bars blocking a portion of the outside.
  • Lines 139-192
  • However, the steps the residents took to protect themselves began to become useless they got used to cats triggering the alarm instead of burglars. "...everyone soon became accustomed to,... Under cover of electronic harpies' discourse intruders sawed iron bars and broke into homes" (Gordimer 14). The alarm systems were ignored by the owners and they ended up losing lots of their stuff.
  • The End/Theme
  • The wise witch encouraged that the family build a taller wall so that burglars can't climb. "...once locked and the alarm set, someone might still be able to climb over the wall or electronically closed gates into the garden... then the wall should be higher"(Gordimer 14). Even if the alarm has been set, someone will still be able to access the house by climbing the wall, so it needs to be higher.
  • The parents thought of a way to keep out the burglars from climbing the wall. The best decision for them is to put barbed wire fence. "There would be no way out, only a struggle getting bloodier and bloodier, a deeper and sharper hooking of flesh... anyone would think twice (Gordimer 16). This idea would guarantee that no one would trespass over in their home.
  • The little boy climbed the wall and got caught in the coils of the barbed fence, causing his death. "Then the man and his wife burst wildly into the garden and for some reason (the cat, probably) the alarm set up wailing against the screams while the bleeding mass of the little boy was hacked out of the security coils..."(Gordimer 16). The theme of this story is getting along and flaws of being divided.
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