Unknown Story
Updated: 3/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Can God be so jealous and hateful?
  • Romeo is hateful, even though God isn’t. Oh, Romeo, Romeo, who ever would have thought it would be Romeo?
  • What kind of devil are you to torture me like this? This is as bad as the tortures of hell. Has Romeo killed himself? I will no longer be myself if you tell me Romeo killed himself. If he’s been killed, say “Yes.” If not, say “No.” These short words will determine my joy or my pain.
  • I saw the wound. I saw it with my own eyes. God bless that wound, here on his manly chest. A corpse, a bloody corpse. All the dried blood was so gory. I fainted when I saw it
  • Oh, my heart is breaking. Oh, my bankrupt heart is breaking. I’ll send my eyes to prison, and they’ll never be free to look at anything again. I’ll give my vile body back to the earth. I’ll never move again. My body and Romeo’s will lie together in one sad coffin.
  • Oh, Tybalt, Tybalt, he was the best friend I had. Oh, polite Tybalt, he was an honorable gentleman. I wish I had not lived long enough to see him die.