StoryBook Project Muckelvene-Kiara
Updated: 1/28/2021
StoryBook Project Muckelvene-Kiara

Storyboard Description

I wouldn't let me do 6 slides so I only did 3 because that't the most it let me do.

Storyboard Text

  • *Presenting presentation*So you see why the mitochondria is the power hous-
  • Im sorry Kiara but we can't hear you
  • Try leaving the zoom call and come back
  • Hello can you hear me now
  • Sender:Girl giving the presentationReceiver:Teacher in the ComputerChannel:Video call through zoom
  • Internal Noise:The teacher can't hear what the student is trying to say
  • Feedback:The teacher suggest that the student leaves the zoom call and come back.External:The student still isn't sure if the teacher can hear her because communication problems.