Harriet's daughter comic

Updated: 10/26/2020
Harriet's daughter comic

Storyboard Description

In page-33, Margaret comes home late and her dad lectures her about Good West Indian discipline.Replying 'yes' to everything he says leads her to a awkward moment with her dad.

Storyboard Text

  • No excuse dad.I forgot the time and stayed too long at the library.
  • Young lady ! What's your excuse today for being late ? Huh ?
  • God !....here he goes again with his lecture about coloured people!No Interruptions or anything !
  • Coloured people are never late ! You don't have any proper discipline at all ! Back in Barbados when we were kids we always respected adults and had manners.
  • Yes dad.
  • I wonder why he shouts like a big masculine pig all the time ! God !! this is a never ending one!
  • Are you even paying attention to what I'm saying ? Do you understand ? Get it into your head otherwise I will have to get more tough than you can imagine !
  • Yes dad .Yes .Yes Yes.
  • Why is he blaming mom ?! I guess mom will never stand up for herself ! god ! at least I'm saying yes and pretending to listen to him....
  • This is all your fault Tina ! This lady is completely spoilt ! She has no decency and there is a problem in your upbringing! and you do you get me ?
  • Yes dad
  • Will this type of behavior ever repeat?
  • Wait no !umm that was by mistake ! I meant no dad !
  • Wait what ?! Why is everybody quiet ? Oh no ! crap ! I wasn't listening to dad ! I said yes!
  • Uff thank god I reacted in time....
  • What ?!
  • Hmm...