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Updated: 2/4/2021
US history story board

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  • Before 1870, Jack and his family took advantage of the Homestead Act and moved to the Great Plains.
  • Upon their arrival they took the Transcontinental Railroad when they noticed that the condition was very tough because there were not many trees around them to build a house, so they started to build a Sod house.
  • Jack began to plant crops he used the groundwater wells that were powered by windmills to take care of his crops.
  • Jack would use his steel plow to break through the soil, because it was hard for him. He also had a lot of cattle which he took very good care of them.
  • Jack kept all the cattle enclosed with barbed wire so predators couldn't come in to eat their cattle, he also put it around his crops and his home so everything was safe around him and his family.
  • Why are they coming to OUR territory this is ridiculous
  • The Indian War began because between the Indians and the Americans, the Indians got angry because the Americans were allowed to move into their territory and their anger lasted for about 25 years.
  • Jack lived right next to a open range where nobody lived so they didn't have any neighbors, but after The Effect of the Settlement Jack and his family got very excited because cattle and crops increased by a lot. They continued working hard for their little house and to take care of their crops and cattle.