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Roger the Rock
Updated: 9/28/2020
Roger the Rock
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  • Roger used to have lots of friends millions of years ago. He used to be a huge rock until he was weathered and eroded into small rocks. The rain brought him down to the river as he shrank along the way. Roger became a sediment.
  • Hi! I am roger!
  • He grew apart from his friends because they felt that he was different from them. Roger was sad. He never went through the rock cycle and stayed sediment for a long time. He was motivated to change because he felt different from his friends.
  • Roger was in a river. He became a smaller rock, and drifted along the other rocks at the bottom of the river. He skidded along the sediments and got smaller while being carried by the river. Roger was stuck. He thought he couldn’t get out of the river and was trapped there forever. He was scared that he would be as small as a grain.
  • He didn't know how long did it passed. So he decided to move into the cycle. And he decided to follow the heat. He was in a volcano and he jumped into the magma chamber. He melted, turn into a magma then cooled.
  • Roger drifted from the river. He stayed in a hole for a long time. He was buried deeper and deeper. He felt squeezed tightly. Then he became a sedimentary rock.
  • He stayed as a sedimentary rock for a long time. And he decided to drill himself into the hole. He felt pressure and the heat. He has change into a metamorphic rock.
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