Colony of Roanole
Updated: 1/28/2021
Colony of Roanole

Storyboard Text

  • Please Help we are starving and need food
  • Sorry we can't help you
  • Look you guys have so much food, can't I and some of my members have some
  • No, we need the food for ourselves
  • And some of our people are coming away with diseases, we need the crops so we can get better
  • U guys have been taking our crops and we've had to survive with very little food, so Ill go ask the Chief and well see what he says.
  • so, they want our food again because their starving and their crew is dying from diseases
  • I'm going to tell my captain to convince you guys.
  • No, they have been real selfish to us and don't deserve food, so get out of our land and starve
  • Oh No, we have terrible news, captains dead, he died from a disease.
  • Dang, I guess well leave then, and settle somewhere else
  • well