Updated: 5/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Jonas finds that they just ran out of food and the bike ran out of air in the tires.
  • Jonas walks and walks making sure that Gabe was comfortable the entire way. Jonas had to make a sacrifices And get his clothes wet and possibly getting sick to catch the fish.
  • Jonas and Gabe find themselves in a scarier part of the forest. Where Jonas has to make a big decision to go left or right. So, Jonas threw a rock up And as the rock went down it landed on the left side of the fork. Next thing that Gabe knew they were moving left and hopefully it was the right choice.
  • As night approached Jonas's eyes slowly closed from both hunger and exhaustion. Gabe, of course, was already asleep but looked like he hasn't slept for weeks. Jonas knew there journey was coming to an end soon enough, by either them making it to there destination or them dying and it kinda seemed that Gabe knew that to
  • As the sun pokes its head out of the horizon, Jonas is walking looking at the clouds and wishing he had food to keep his legs going. But, all he could think about was Gabe and getting him safe.
  • As the hours were long and his legs were sore he kept going until he collapsed and started to crawl. But, he stopped with his eyes closed and someone dragging him by his feet.