The Battle of Terabithia, by Senthil Koushik

Updated: 5/19/2020
The Battle of Terabithia, by Senthil Koushik

Storyboard Text

  • The Battle of Terabithia
  • Jess and Leslie swung into Terabithia.
  • Then they both turned their heads and saw a giant...
  • Do you hear something Jess?
  • Run!!!
  • No Leslie.
  • Leslie and Jess went to see the King of Terabithia at the castle.
  • Let's ask the King for help.
  • May we have permission to set up your army Sir?
  • Yes, but on one condition...
  • Promise us that you will not kill our son. He is leading the Army of Giants.
  • Yes, your Highness.
  • The army fought the giants, but in the end the giants won. The king's son survived. It turns out the giants were peaceful all along.
  • The people and the giants decided that peace was the better answer. They lived happily together from then on.
  • Yes, we agree.
  • Sorry that we hurt you guys so badly.
  • the end
  • We shouldn't have attacked the Giants in the first place. Pease is the better way.