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Circe the Witch in the Odyssey
Updated: 4/27/2020
Circe the Witch in the Odyssey
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Odysseus eventually is able to reach Aeolus’ island and asks him for help. Aeolus gives him a bag of storm winds and gives him a strong wind to help him. When Odysseus’ men open the bag of storm winds they are blown back to Aeolus’ island where he refuses to help them again. They then encounter laestrygonians and almost all of them are killed except the men on Odysseus’ ship. Then they go to Circe’s island and while they are exploring some men are captured and turned into pigs Circe who is a witch. Odysseus then, with the help of Hermes giving him a plant to resist Circe’s magic, begs for his men back and after about a year he gets his wish.
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