Hero Cycle
Updated: 12/21/2020
Hero Cycle

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  • Birth & Childhood
  • Preparation
  • Cyclops
  • When we first meet Ulysses he is starting a family. Ulysses being recruited to fight in the Trojan War decided to act insane so he wouldn't have to go to battle and maybe not return to his family.
  • Sirens
  • During the Trojan war Ulysses was proved to be a good and strategic soldier.
  • Ultimate Battle
  • Ulysses came to this island for food. He was unaware of flesh eating monster Polyphemus. As Polyphemus attacked Ulysses and his sailor, Ulysses had to think of a plan quick. They came out with a few less sailors and a rush to get off the island. The red eye of the cyclops represents evil, violence, and anger.
  • Triumphant Return
  • Ulysses told his men to tie him to the mast and not let him go. Ulysses plugged each sailors ears to keep them from hearing the Sirens. As the sailors sailed through the Sirens Ulysses finally saw the source of the beautiful crys, they were so ugly that he forgot all about the voices. The muggy weather and the dark ocean represents big danger to become.
  • Ulysses now at his home island disguised himself as a beggar. All the suitors are fighting for Penelope's hand thinking that Ulysses is dead. Ulysses winning the competition is revealed to be alive. The suitors then become violent.
  • As the suitors battles Ulysses and his son. Ulysses saw his son get hurt and filled with rage and then through a big rock and killed all the suitors.
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