The Superhuman cure
Updated: 12/13/2020
The Superhuman cure

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  • Hey guys my name is Ryan I’m your substitute teacher
  • My name is DJ
  • My name is Jada
  • So what are your names?
  • My name is Jay
  • Kate...
  • Kate can we talk in another room please?
  • Is everything ok Kate?
  • She said she wasn’t feeling good
  • Yes.....
  • Ok head back to class I have to go talk to my assistant
  • Are feeling ok?
  • No! I have COVID-19 and I am very sick and I don’t want my parents to find out I just want it to go away!
  • You can only cure her if you can touch her shoulder so you can try go back to the class and figure it out
  • And can taste things I don’t have COVID anymore but how does that work
  • Ok everyone it’s time to go home
  • I feel better now
  • I won
  • I brought you two outside to have a little race to wake up a little so the first person to stand next to me wins
  • Kate won
  • This is my chance to cure her
  • I was so close to winning
  • My name is jay
  • This morning she said she couldn’t taste anything and that she felt sick
  • My name is Jordan
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