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Updated: 2/27/2019
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  • What is the importance of the Victory at the Battles of Saratoga?
  • Yay, the Battle of Saratoga was worth it!
  • Hey, I and the rest of the French will help you because we hate Britain.
  • Why is Valley Forge important?
  • Who is Thomas Paine?
  • The importance of the victory at Saratoga was that it was a huge deal. It convinced many other countries to join the colonists against the British.
  • How Did Foreigners Help?
  • Valley Forge is important because many soldiers died and it was winter. Washington messaged congress until finally, a German baker named Christopher Ludwick promised 135 pounds of bread for every 100 pounds of flour
  • How did the war affect families?
  • Thomas Paine is a person who was the person who wrote common sense and started the war. He wrote another passage called American Crisis which was read to all of the soldiers so people would stop leaving the army.
  • How were Loyalists treated in the colonies?
  • Some of the foreigners that contributed were Edward Hand, Comte de Rochambeau, Marquis de Lafayette, Tadeusz Kosciuszko, Kazimierz Pulaski, Friedrich von Steuben and, Juan de Miralles. These people contributed by helping with the wars and promoting American government.
  • The war affected families in these ways. First, most fathers/husbands fought in the war and spent little time with their families. Second, it used a lot of money so families didn´t get paid as much so the money would go to the war.
  • Colonists treated the loyalists very badly. They were driven from homes and estates burned as well as being tar and feathered. I think this was wrong because it is basically discrimination they were treated differently because of their beliefs also we are all human, plus it's their loss so joke's on them.
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