Jay Filbert TSB COPY
Updated: 12/10/2020
Jay Filbert TSB COPY

Storyboard Text

  • It's hard to believe that Laurie is really Charles.
  • Laurie is really Charles!
  • Why would you lie to us? Why do you act fresh at school?
  • Laurie's mom drives home from the parent teacher conference, and is in shock from finding out that Laurie is Charles.
  • Since your teacher said you were trouble today, you don't get to watch TV for three days!
  • Laurie's mom tells his dad that Laurie is charles, and he is also shocked.
  • Your teacher said that you behaved very well today, so I will buy you that toy you wanted.
  • At dinner, Laurie's parents have a talk with Laurie about why he lied, and why he misbehaves.
  • We are so proud of your good behavior Laurie!
  • It feels good to stay out of trouble.
  • Due to Laurie's misbehavior, his parents start disciplining him.
  • Laurie starts behaving better, and his parents reward him when he behaves well.
  • Laurie becomes a little angel, and his parents and him become very proud of him.
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