Social Project - Spain Part 2
Updated: 1/31/2020
Social Project - Spain Part 2
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  • Spanish Reconquista #3
  • Here's the key to Granada. Treat my kingdom kindly.
  • Spanish Exporation #3
  • Spanish Inquistiton #3
  • Are you ready to confess yet?
  • The last Sultan, Abdallah Muhammad, surrendered his kingdom. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella now had control over all of Spain.
  • Spanish Reconquista #4
  • We won the war! We now rule all of Spain!
  • After more than 30 days and with a grumpy crew, Christopher Columbus finally reached land. The only problem was, he thought it was India, so he called the First Nations "Indians".
  • Spanish Exploration #4
  • Some of the torture methods that the Inquisitors used were the strappado, interrogatorio mejorado del agua (water torture), and the Rack. Strappado tied the victims hands behind their back and slowly lifted their bound hands with a pulley. Water torture was to make people feel like they were drowning to get them to confess. Lastly, the Rack pulled a victims hands and feet at the same time, stretching them both ways.
  • Spanish Inquisition #4
  • I saw her practice Judaism! Heratic!
  • This war led to many famous discoveries and events. After defeating the Muslims, it led the Spanish to believe that they were far superior to other cultures and religions. This is ethnocentrism. The war also distantly led to the discovery of North America.
  • He claimed the land for Spain. All the resources found there were "rightfully" Spain's despite there having been people there way before them. This kind of worldview, ethnocentrism wasn't uncommon. Europeans often saw themselves as being far superior than everyone else. This led to the Spanish disregarding the First Nations. They sent missionaries to the land to convert people to Christianity, the "superior" religion.
  • I claim this land for Spain!!!
  • People would often lie and say someone was practicing a religion that wasn't Christianity for revenge. As a result, many people would often accuse each other of being a heratic.
  • Lies! I would never betray my country!
  • Hehehe serves her right for stealing my customers! There's no way her shop is better than mine!
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