Gautam Buddha
Updated: 11/12/2020
Gautam Buddha

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  • He is very beautiful.
  • Look at how beautiful he is dear.
  • I love this place!
  • A boy named Gautam Buddha was born as Prince Siddhartha in the about the year of 566 B.C. His parents were the king and queen of Kapilavastu, Suddhodana, and Mayadevi. But, an astrologer told his parents when he was older that he would give up his right to the throne and all his worldly pleasures.
  • Since the King and Queen heard about the news from the astrologer, they locked the prince in his room. The prince wasn't allowed to leave the palace because his parents didn't allow his to leave the palace. So he was locked in his room.
  • The prince asked if his charioteer if he could take him on a tour of the city. But when touring the city, the prince saw a old, weak and frail man sitting on the side of the road. That made the prince realize that with old age, comes weakness and ill health.
  • After his first experience in the outside world, the prince was deeply troubled from it. Lots of questions crossed his mind about life and death. So while his wife and son were asleep, he snuck out of the palace and started meditating under a fig tree.
  • The prince did meditation for 49 days and he was 35. He attained enlightenment. So from that day on he was known as "Buddha" or the "Awakened One". He also was named after the Bodhi tree that he meditated under.
  • Buddha preached about non-violence, peace and harmony. He also strongly felt that people should treat each other with forgiveness, tolerance, and compassion. Buddha encouraged all his followers to follow a balanced lifestyle. He also had a number of followers in Magadha, Kosala, and other named neighboring areas.
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