Broken Blade by: Joey Hemr Hour:6
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade by: Joey Hemr Hour:6

Storyboard Text

  • Pierre go get the Doctor.
  • We have Finally arrived
  • Pierre's dad got cut so Pierre has to take his dads place as a voyageur. So Pierre has to leaving his family behind.
  • My donation was generous of me i donated more than others. I am trying to get stronger and better at being a voyageur. I get along with everybody but Jean. my muscles are very weak but my blisters are getting better, I am very home sick and I would rather be in school.
  • We decided to run the rapids, and we got caught in a crazy ride. The waves were vicious we were stuck then La Londe jumped out and lifted the front of the boat and we got loose but La Londe did not make it
  • Lake Superior gave us many challenges but the biggest one was the crazy storm. The storm almost broke our boat water came in and we had to empty it out. We were more in the middle, but we should have hugged the shore because of the storm almost killing us.
  • I thought the trading post would look like any other place but it looks awesome plus we made it so it makes it just that much better. I like this girl named Kennewah she is so beautiful dark brown eyes
  • I am finally back and better than ever my family and I are so happy to see each other again. I think I am going to sign on again next year too it started off slow but after awhile i got the hang of it and I am stronger now. It was a great experience. :)