Unknown Story
Updated: 4/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Morin force the citizens to work in his recourse, one of his biggest was factories, but Gerda could not stand it no longer, she gather her people on the satiation and they fight along side her to restore their home and give nature the freedom once again.
  • One day there was a woman name Gerda and a man name Marin and both of them wanted completely different thing on the planet called earth !
  • Her and her people choose 6 heroes, they were call by the nickname of the environmentalist wizard. they fight tighter until all factories and gases house were, brought down and replace with plan. Morin was furious but the Wizard take care of him and never shall hear from again.
  • The environment was Gerda home and have a determination to protect it and her people health
  • But Marin was the opposite, he would do anything to possessed money, even destroy the environment and let the citizens breath unclean air and eat unnatural  and unhealthy product 
  • Allies fight together to succeed the challenge , and they restore their home, revive nature, make the earth reborn once and each day they see the bright sunlight with a happier and health smile.