Daughter of Demeter
Updated: 3/8/2021
Daughter of Demeter

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  • I mean, it is 2018 in a small city close to Chicago, what is the worse that could happen?
  • It has been very weird lately, my dad asked me to meet this unknown woman called Demeter.
  • And also, today I had a club meeting but he said this is "way more important than that". 
  • He sounded pretty serious about it. and dad is always super protective, why to stop now?
  • What is more important than the School Environmental Club meeting?
  •  04/03 Today's menu:
  • Where is she? I hope it's not too much for her! Discovering that her mother is actually a greek goddess and not dead with 14 years old?
  • Her father says she is a wonderful girl and she will accept my request without a doubt. But what really worries me is Persefone I don't know how she is going to deal with it!
  • Demeter?
  • 04/03 Today's menu: Hi
  • Jade?
  •  04/03 Today's menu:
  • I'm sorry to show up like that in your life, but you need to know I'm the greek goddess of nature.
  • And your mother. I know you are probably surprised, but I need to ask you a favor.
  •  04/03 Today's menu:
  • Wha-what do you mean? My father said that my mother abandoned us! But, I am a demigod? 
  • Yes, and I need you to do something for me. Don't tell anyone, your sister Persefone may be listening!
  •  04/03 Today's menu:
  • Ok, do you expect that I would accept that when all of the sudden my mother decides to care about me.
  • Where were you when I needed you?
  • I need you to protect the planet Jade! I have many daughters that I could ask this, but you are the chosen.