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Updated: 11/21/2019
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  • [1979 ] It looks like there's going to be a lot of waves we should of build the house over the bridge .
  • Oh-Noh the waves are getting closer and stronger .
  • I need to move somewhere save the waves are going to make the house go down.
  • The guy is looking at the weather and he can tell there is going to be some weathering problems because it's raining outside.
  • The guy sees that there's big waves coming and he called his friend and asked to see if could move in with him because the waves were hitting the house and he said that there was weathering problems.
  • The guy is waiting for his friend to pick him up and then he sees waves coming at him he went inside o wait for his friend .
  • 2019 [40 years later] Oh i remember my house being right where i'm standing.... Wave erosion is what probably happened to my house the waves keep hitting my house and it destroyed it i guess the weathering was making the waves get bigger and bigger and that's what made the waves hit the house
  • Wave erosion is what made the waves destroyed the house and made the house come apart the weathering made the waves become bigger and stronger each time it rained .
  • 10 years latter the wave erosion ain't that bad anymore but the waves destroyed the house and the house is coming apart .
  • 40 years later wave erosion made the house come apart... You can see that wave erosion destroyed the house and it left some rocks [parts of the house]
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