Sllice of Life

Updated: 3/4/2021
Sllice of Life

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  • On August 26, 2019, a new stage began for us, which was our first class in high school.
  • Hi, I'm Vanessa. Pleased to meet you
  • Where did you study?
  • Really? I thought you were from here
  • No, I was not studying here
  • Hi, I'm Andrea. Nice to meet you too
  • I was studying at the Telesecundaria in my community
  • The next day they looked more excited, as their number of friends had increased
  • Hi, I'm Gerardo
  • Hi, I'm Sergio
  • Hi, I'm José Gabriel, nice
  • They began to ask questions to get to know each other better, and phrases such as:
  • I like to watch horror movies at night
  • I read manga during my free time
  • I have lived for 5 years in Mexico City
  • I was in the escort, in my old school
  • The day passed so quickly, that the new friends have not had time to tell each other everything
  • Every time they went on break, it was to have a good time, whether they will play or joke with each other.
  • The next morning ... Gerardo had no money to buy "Mantecadas", so he asked Maribel for money and a somewhat funny situation arose, after he left them to Samuel
  • You give it to me?
  • The classes they have had have seemed short to them, so they have spent it talking all the time.
  • When he found out about it, it was too late, as there was only one left.
  • It doesn't matter, you've already finished them
  • Although they have different tastes, they have had fun every opportunity they have had. Such funny moments have been many
  • Go play, I'll wait for you here
  • I do not like sports
  • What ?! Since when have you stopped liking them?
  • Let's play basketball
  • Andrea has ended up eating the shortbreads, without knowing that they were from Gerardo and were borrowed
  • ¡¡Look, Gerardo. He if he is a great friend!!
  • ¡Thanks, my friend!
  • ¡Of course yes!
  • That happened during language class. Their job was to tell an anecdote and what happened saved their lives.The whole class started laughing together with the Professor. It was one of the few days that the room has been seen together, since we have been a somewhat problematic group
  • Hahahaha, forgive me, I had no idea that they were yours