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Updated: 2/8/2020
Nandan History HW
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  • The League of Nations was developed by American president Woodrow Wilson and shared with the world during the Treaty of Versailles.
  • Hi my name is Woodrow Wilson, and today I am going to be telling you about the failures of the League of Nations, and how we didn't join it :)
  • Starring; Georges Clemenceau (left), David Lloyd George (right), and Woodrow Wilson (center).
  • The League of Nations was established in 1919. It was developed as a diplomatic group to maintain peace and harmony. The league also aimed to improve worldwide security, improve living and working conditions, encourage disarmament, and encourage global cooperation.
  • League of NationsIntroduction
  • I am going to be honest with you. Frankly the League of Nations was a messy failure. Firstly, the League lacked the presence of world powers. Germany wasn't allowed to join and the USSR didn't want to. Secondly, the league was dominated by Britain and France even though it consisted of 42 member states, and even had 2 other permanent members (Italy and Japan). Thirdly, there was a lack of mutual cooperation between countries. Countries only agreed to something if it would benefit them. In addition to that there was a major lack of faith among member states. The events of World War I (insert sounds of gunfire and bombs), had left most countries shattered and without any hope for a peaceful future. Also for an act to be passed, all member states had to vote in favour of it. This made it nearly impossible to pass any acts as even if one member country or state disagreed, the vote would fail.
  • We're guessing Woodrow has already told you about the League's failure and blamed us in the process. Well it was also due to his country that the League failed. It was his 14 points that led to the formation of the League. In theory the League would have been supported by world powers but guess what! The US didn't join. When Wilson went back to the US, he presented his idea to his people and the senate. They didn't like it. They wanted to focus on building their own economy and not waste money of Europe's problems. They had also suffered large number of casualties during the was and didn't want to be a part of anything again.
  • The League of NationsThe Part where we blame America
  • My proposal was rejected by the senate and therefore we announced to the world that we, the United States of America wouldn't be joining the organisation that we had made. But anyways, World War II would spell the end for the League of Nations and, i'm not bragging, but we beat those pesky little Germans all over again!
  • League of NationsConclusion
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