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comic strip
Updated: 10/16/2020
comic strip
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  • Britain started taking colonist by using the following Acts1 :Sugar Act in 1764- the Sugar Act placed taxes on sugar (and other goods such as coffee, wine, and cloth brought in from other countries.2 :Stamp Act in 1765-the Stamp Act placed taxes on legal documents ,pamphlets, playing cards, licenses, newspaper, and insurance policies.3 :Townshend Act in 1767-the Townshend Act placed taxes on (tea, paint, lead, glass, paper) that had to be brought from G.B. as they where not produced in the colonies.
  • That is not fair!
  • Colonist responded bycolonist thought taxation was unfair they did not have any representation in parliament and therefor had no say about the passage of the laws one way the colonist thought of to protest the taxes was boycott (refuse to buy taxed products)
  • even more strict ( control crafts, quarter soldiers,) colonist declared independence by A committee was appointed to write a statement explaining the groups ideas on independence Thomas Jefferson was the main writer of the statement the final document was called the declaration of independence. On July 4 1776 the second continental congress approved the declaration of independence.
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