Updated: 6/15/2020

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  • Crucifixion
  • Resurrection
  • Don't be afraid ,got tell the disciples that Jesus have risen tell them to meet him in jerusalem
  • After Jesus was arrested he got lashed with a whip and he got beaten .Jesus was forced to carry a heavy cross up to Mt Cyni .He collapsed 3 times and the 3 time simon was ordered to assist him. This day is also recognised as Good Friday.
  • pentecost (coming of the holy spirit)
  • 3 days later Jesus had risen .There were two women that walked past the tomb and saw and angel the were quite scared but they ended up going . The angel said don't be afraid go tell the disciples jesus had risen
  • Pentecost(peter spoke to the crowd)
  • After 40 days on earth (after he had risen) it was time to go be the right hand of his father ,he told his disciples that he will give them a gift. At the time the disciples didn't now what was going on .
  • PENTECOST (The baptism)
  • in the father and the son and the holy spirit
  • After 40 days Jesus said that he will send them a gift and the gift was the holy spirit it gave them the courage to speak in all different languages.That way they could go let non believers learn about jesus .
  • After being given the gives of the holy spirit they went and told the haters about jesus and peter preached to 3000 and that same day those three people wanted to follow jesus and they also got...
  • Sorry Jesus
  • did he really do that
  • The 3000 people peter preached to ,they all got baptised for there sines and wanted to be forgiven and Jesus remained with the new and original believers for ever . Just as he dose for us.
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