Updated: 5/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Where am i ?
  • Yet this was not a reward yet, Zena was under a hallucination spell from the unknown creature. she return back but she was now in the middle of nowhere
  • Zena was now taken into a world with no one.She though this was her fault so, she cries . but a goddess named "Dairy" she said this is not the real world and she is in control of the world and wants zena to help. zena said yes of course.
  • Zena!
  • Zena now lives in the in in the clouds in a universal word ,"skldron".She is now a goddess of the vivid world and lives with dairy while watching the world.
  • hahaha , really?
  • And i was like "duddddddeeeee"