The Odyssey Book 20

Updated: 5/12/2020
The Odyssey Book 20

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  • Athena
  • So, surrender to sleep at last. What a misery keeping watch through the night, wide awake - you'll soon come up from under all your troubles.
  • Odysseus
  • Penelope
  • Artemis - goddess, noble daughter of Zeus, if only you's whip an arrow through my breast and tear my life out, now, at once!
  • Cowherd
  • I still dream of my old master, unlucky man - if only he'd drop in from the blue and drive these suitors all in a rout throughout the halls!
  • I swear by Zeus, the first of all gods - by the table of hospitality waiting for us, by Odysseus' hearth where I have come for help, Odysseus will come home while you're still here.
  • Odysseus
  • My friends, we'll never carry off this plot to kill the prince. Let's concentrate on feasting.
  • amphinomus
  • Look here, I'll give him a proper guest-gift too, a prize he can hand the crone who bathes his feet or a tip for another slave who haunts the halls of our great king Odysseus!
  • Ctesippus
  • Oh I can see it now - the disaster closing on you all! There's no escaping it, no way out - not for a single one of you suitors, wild reckless fools, plotting outrage here, the halls of Odysseus, great and strong as a god!