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The thing
Updated: 4/23/2020
The thing
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  • Beginning, Tom Robinson is Accused
  • Mayella Ewells Testimony
  • Atticus's questioning
  • Tom Robinson is falsely accused of raping Mayella Ewell, although all facts presented say otherwise. Despite these facts, the racist Jury are dead-set on convicting Tom Robinson.
  • Tom Robinson's Testimony
  • That boy's worked for me for eight years an' I ain't ever had a speck of trouble outta him.
  • Mayella's testimony is not a very believable one, since there are many holes Atticus will point out in the next panel. IT is clear by now that the Ewells's main weapon is that of pathos.
  • Mr.Gilmer's Questioning
  • If you had a clear conscience, why were you scared?
  • Here Atticus begins attacking and questioning their argument. He asks how Tom Robinson was able to injure the right side of her face with his lame left arm and how nobody heard her when this was happening.
  • Atticus's closing remarks
  • Tom Robinson's story has some noticeable differences, such as the fact that Mayella leaned in for a kiss. These facts will be ignored by the jury, despite Deas stating that Tom has never done anything wrong while working for him.
  • The persecution's lawyer, Mr.Gilmer, now tries to convince the jury that Tom Robinson is guilty. Tom Robinson, being a nice man, admits he feels sorry for Mayella Ewell.
  • The Kids Dill and Scout return after meeting Mr. Raymond, just in time for closing remarks. In which Atticus gives his own version of events and asks the jury to give up the notion all black people are guilty.
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