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Updated: 3/10/2021
Unknown Story

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  • [1757] Amidst co-ownership of India and other lands, England, France, and their allies break into war for the territory and its ports.
  • India is ours!
  • We will die before that happens!
  • [1763] Britain wins the 7 Years War, gaining total control over India after driving out the French.
  • Hip hip, hooray! India for life!
  • I though we were friends!
  • Just wait for the gold and resources that are here!
  • With the Mughal Empire severely weakened, Britain starts to encroach inland and take land.
  • To support the effort, the British recruit Sepoys, Indian soldiers making up the fighting force in colonial India.
  • Not a bad deal...
  • Here here! Join the fight and help win the war!
  • [1857] Over controversy and the belief that their rifles had been greased with pig fat, Hindu Sepoys erupted into mutiny against British officials and citizens.
  • You will not disrespect our sacred beliefs! Charge!
  • The British respond violently, leading to the deaths of thousands. The Mughal Emperor is imprisoned due to his involvement, and the empire officially ends. Britain takes control over the colonial government in India.
  • My wonderful, wonderful empire! Why Mughal?!