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Updated: 11/25/2020
Progress check 3

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  • Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt
  • Theme
  • Theme development #1
  • Progress report #3: Theme by Kelsea Apel
  • Theme development #2
  • A theme of the story is the way that death affects people and their relationships. In Tell The Wolves I'm Home, June and her relationships with people were greatly impacted by the death of her Uncle Finn. June's relationship with Toby, her sister, and her mother developed each in their own way from the change in June after Finn died.
  • Theme development #3
  • The theme is introduced with the changing relationship between Toby and June. June says, "Toby had nobody. But it was okay. It was all sealed. He had me now" (ch. 37 paragraph 33). Because Finn died, Toby had nobody, so he decided to reach out to June. Then, because of the note from Finn before he died, June and Toby formed a close friendship. The reader knew that June was fully trusting of Toby when she cried in front of him, pictured above.
  • Thematic solution
  • A scene that developed the theme further, was when Greta drunkenly admitted her feelings to June on their way home from the party. Greta says, "Maybe I should go out and get myself AIDS...Would I be special enough for you then, June? Tragic enough?" (ch. 41, paragraph 60-62). Here, Greta is admitting that she is jealous of June and Finn's friendship. She expresses how it seems that June thinks Greta was too perfect for them to be friends. Then, June starts to realize that they could be the way they used to again.
  • The theme continues to develop in the relationship between June and her mother. June says, "How could someone act so strong and normal and under it all be so desperate and sad. And mean" (ch. 42 paragraph 5). She had never thought about her mother this way, until she found out why she disliked Toby so much. The death of Finn made June learn a new side of her mother. Because of this, it made June upset to even hear her mother happy because of all the hatred she expressed to Toby.
  • At the end of the book, the family seemed to be back to normal again. Although their parents were probably still upset with June and Greta, they all started getting along like they used to. Greta and her mom weren't upset about Toby anymore and June didn't have to lie about anything anymore.