Updated: 4/1/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Where am I? I think I'm lost...
  • ouhhh a desert island! I wonder if there is other people out there!
  • Of course, you can come to my house. Follow me!
  • Hi gorgeous, what are you doing here alone?
  • Well, I am Chelsea and I am lost! Can you help me please?
  • Wow! This is a lovely house. Is there a place where I can sleep
  • hummm, yes! You can sleep in my room!
  • Let me show you.
  • This is it. I've lived here for the past 5 years!
  • OMG, so cool! Can I live with you forever and ever and ever?
  • Chelsea, do you want to be my coconut?
  • Yes so you can be my oil! My coconut oil. ;)