Updated: 3/11/2020
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  • Hi, I'm an igneous rock that just formed inside of this volcano from the cooling of magma. But I'm going to be a sedimentary rock soon and I'll tell you how.
  • The first step is weathering. Pieces of me will break off and will be called sediment. Sediments can be made out of rocks, sand, and shells.
  • Then, during the erosion step the sediments move by wind, water, or ice. In this case the wind is moving the sediments to a body of water.
  • The third step is deposition, where the sediments end up in a body of water after being dropped in by the wind.
  • Now a lot of sediments are stacked onto each other and are going to be pressed together. This step is called compaction.
  • The final step is cementation which is when the sediments are "glued" together and become a sedimentary rock
  • There you go. Now you have learned the steps of how a sedimentary rock is made.
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