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Comic for GenMath
Updated: 10/5/2020
Comic for GenMath
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  • I hope I can get tourists to try my horseback ride. I'm sure they'll enjoy.
  • Hmmm, this city seems like a nice place. Maybe I could try some new things here.
  • Oh, looks like an interested tourist!
  • Wow, maybe he gives horseback rides to tourists like me.
  • Are you interested ma'am? May I care to explain how the ride goes?
  • Sure, no problem. Let's hear it.
  • In a certain tourist destination, a horseback ride costs P150.00 for the first 5 km and for every km added costs an additional P40.00.
  • a. Write a piecewise function for the problem.f(x) = {150 if 05km}b. How much will a 10 km. horseback ride cost?f(x) = 150 + 40 (x – 5 )f(10) = 150 + 40 (10 – 5)= 150 + 40(5)= 150 + 200= 350A 10 km. horseback ride costs P350.00.
  • (This is a problem applicable to the story and in the real world)
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