Math in Science
Updated: 2/15/2020
Math in Science
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  • Yes I can. Imagine pulling a rope with 3 friends on one side and 3 friends on the other side.
  • I still don't understand can you give me an example.
  • Then you subtract 300 minus 300 to get the total number of Newtons acting on the rope. Once you subtract you get a total of 0 Newtons. That means if its 0 its balanced or at a constant speed.
  • On one side the friends are pulling with a force of 300 Newtons and on the other side the other friends are pulling with 300 Newtons also.
  • Hmhm I'm starting to understand.
  • WOW, I understand now. Thank You so much for helping me. I LOVE MATH AND SCIENCE!
  • If the total is 0 it means it's balanced and if it more than 0 it means it's unbalanced or moving. Also meaning a force or forces are being acted on it.
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