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Earth From Outer Space
Updated: 8/18/2020
Earth From Outer Space
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Storyboard Description

As Ben wonders deeply from his imagination beyond the borders of the sky he gets to meet an eccentric astronaut from outer space that lets him experience the beauty of Earth from the 'outside'.

Storyboard Text

  • I wonder what Earth looks like from up there.
  • I wonder what's up there?
  • Huh? What's that?
  • And so the two went up to space...
  • Hi! Ben, right? Let's go I've come to pick you up!
  • Wait--
  • There's no time to waste young man!
  • We're here kid. How is it? Beautiful, right?
  • Wait! I also see Mercury! Venus! Oh and, and Jupiter, Saturn! Mars! The moon and sun too!!!!
  • Wait! If there are other planets, why are there no humans or plants?
  • Doesn't it make Earth so unique to other planets?
  • Well kiddo let me explain!
  • You see the Earth is unique because of one! It's distance to the sun which greatly affects the temperature!
  • Two because of the miracle of air and water! Also its atmosphere! To support life!
  • And because of those environment that can support life, Earth has US! LIFE.
  • WOAAAHHH! So Cooolll!
  • Time's up! Time to go kid!
  • What a veryy.... educational dream.
  • Woah! What's this I'm being warped back to Eaaaarrrrrttthhhhh!!!
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