Influential Docs and People StoryBoard

Updated: 10/16/2020
Influential Docs and People StoryBoard

Storyboard Text

  • SIGN IT!
  • We need to work together!
  • Perhaps we should have the same rules as the English Bills of Rights
  • Yea, that's a great Idea
  • The Nobles are trying to get King John to sign the Contract
  • We need Natural Rights, Life, Liberty, and Property!
  • The Pilgrims that are in Massachusetts and lost decide to work together
  • The government has too much power. Maybe we should separate the powers of the government
  • The Founding Fathers talk about the way to build their country, and then they're influenced by the English Bills of Rights and inspired by it, decide to do the same thing with their country
  • I think we can be independent, but why don't they, isn't common sense
  • John Locke talks about natural rights and why we need them.
  • Montesquieu thinks about the government and thinks how he can change the government to be balanced
  • Thomas Paine thinks about being independent and thinks that it common sense to understand that we don't need the british