Orthodoxy storyboard
Updated: 3/11/2020
Orthodoxy storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • The Holy Great Martyr Eustathius along with his wife Theopiste, and their two sons Agapius and Theopistus, a full family of saints. One day while hunting, Eustathius spotted a deer which looked him right within the eye. because the deer stared at his hunter, a radiant image of the Crucifixion glowed from between the deer’s antlers.
  •  A voice from God spoke to him, saying Who He was and what His plans were for his Saint-to-be. Eustathius went home and told his wife the strange event, only to be told his wife had a dream the night before.
  • The whole family was baptised and shortly, Eustathius heard a voice telling him of his impending sufferings, like that of Job. His cattle plagued, his servants dead, and his home ruined after all those things happened Eustathius did not complain but rather fled together with his family to measure an easier life
  • On the way, the captain of the ship they were sailing left Eustathius and his children on shore, keeping Theopiste to himself. In an attempt to hold his children across a river, Eustathius lost one as a lion snatched the boy away, while the opposite was seized by a wolf.
  • After many coincidental events (all according to the will of God) the family was miraculously reunited in Rome His two sons served him as soldiers and his wife as an attendant to the soldiers, all unknowingly. When they began telling one another their stories, they then realised that it had been one another that they had lost numerous years prior
  • When they began telling one another their stories, they released that they had lost each other many years ago After a battle was won by Eustathius and his children, Emperor Trajan ordered them to sacrifice to the pagan gods. They refused and were then subject to torture, There punishment was to be placed in the brazen bull, after many hours of they reposed in the lord.