Evoltuion Project
Updated: 12/2/2020
Evoltuion Project

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  • Natural Selection Comic Strip
  • I am Martha!
  • I am Stewart!
  • Hey kids, stay close!
  • The weather is turning, its gonna be a cold night
  • Hey! Does anyone know why most of the white bunnies are gone?
  • Lily Sallee
  • Natural Selection is happening It is when certain organisms adapt to a new environment in different ways and some survive longer than others.
  • Oh okay! So now we need to find a warm place to live for the winter so we can survive right?
  • This is Martha and Stewart. They live in a forest near an apple orchard and visit the orchard often. They have 3 baby bunnies that love apples. Sadly, the climate is rapidly changing and will become winter soon!
  • This is our house for the next few months. We only go out as a group ok? 
  • The climate has now changed and it is winter. The whole family is still alive but the surrounding white bunnies died. The apple tree is dead and the ground has iced up. Some of the surrounding bunnies are worried why the white bunnies are gone when the climate changed.
  • In my comic strip, my bunnies were going through natural selection. They were living in a beautiful apple orchard before it started to snow and get freezing. They had a similar amount of white bunnies to brown bunnies. When the weather changed, all but one of the white bunnies died, and the surrounding bunnies got nervous that they would die as well. Stewart and Martha brought everyone close and explained natural selection and what was happening. They understood and then moved to the correct spot for the winter.
  • Stewart brings everyone close and tells them about natural selection. The surrounding brown bunny was worried and now he understands, and knows he needs to adapt better.
  • Correct!
  • The bunnies have now moved to this underground burrow they built for the winter. They agree to only leave as a pack to make sure everyone stays safe, and they go from there. They will only leave for food, and when they do, they will try to get as much food as they can.
  • Yes
  • Ok!
  • The End!
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